After a decade of building my career as a designer in the luxury events industry, I now find myself wanting to expand above and beyond was has become so familiar to me.

Like many artists, I can't decide on just one discipline to put all my creative energy into. This became especially true after becoming a mother, having experienced a massive explosion of creativity that needed more space to play.

Here you will find a consolidation of loads of my creations for events, in addition to a variety of new experimental projects. I look forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone and allowing my creative energy to run completely free, seeing what magic will be catalysed as a result.

If you love colour as much as I do, enjoy surrounding yourself with vibrant, quality products, then you will surely find creations here that you are bound to love. 

I hope that my art can bring as much joy to you as it did to me while creating it !

With love,



 For any new or couture artwork to add as part of you website, printed stationery, child’s nursery, and much more, please reach out directly to Emérence to see if she can create it for you. keeping in mind that availability is extremely limited with a wait list of minimum 6 months.