Baby Monkey


Animated Preview:


Purchasing options

Animated announcement template (MP4 or GIF) to use as part of your gender reveal, birth annoucement, child’s birthday card, and much more!

Available as a customisable invitation template for you to edit immediately, or as a in-house personalised invitation with our team editing the text for you. All text is fully editable (font, colour, size, spacing…), with option to move or remove some design elements, and add music directly in canva.

Printable version available to export as a PDF to print directly at home or with a professional printer.

Artwork: Please make sure you love the artwork as it is, as it cannot be modified after purchase.

Customisable template (€90)
A customisable canva link will be immediately sent to you upon purchase. Option to download as a MP4, GIF, or PDF for print.

Personalised invitation (€350)
Our team will set up selected invitation with your content, and send you the final design by email within 2 weeks of purchase.