• Leonor, April 2023

    "I ordered a name Cut-out for my son Georges, I couldn't be happier with the result! The quality is amazing, with a quick delivery time." 

  • Samara, March 2023

    "I always wanted to get a map designed by Emerence after my wedding on the Amalfi Coast, and was so excited to see it was finally available to purchase as a poster! So happy with the result, it fits perfectly as a centre piece in our living room" 

  • Davina, April 2023

    "We wanted something unique and colourful as a birth announcement for our daughter, was so happy to find the tiger one, It's so cute!"

  • Maya, March 2023

    "Absolutely in LOVEEE with the Animal Alphabet!! I ordered the trio one, it exactly what was needed in our son's nursery. It also makes the perfect gift for friends, so will definitely be back for more :)"


ATELIER POTESTA was established as a lifestyle brand by Emérence de Potesta in 2023, after becoming a household name within the luxury events industry over the last decade. After receiving a stream of requests from clients wanting to enjoy her art long after their events, it’s finally HERE! 

ATELIER POTESTA aims to celebrates life through bold designs and high quality products, combining traditional elegance with a modern twist. This is only the beginning, so make sure to visit this space regularly!  

With love,

Emerence de Potesta

PLEASE NOTE - To commission any special artwork directly from Emérence please visit POTESTADESIGNS.COM